"Bailo con colibris"

"Bailo con colibris", 45x79 cm, 2012

"La Luna y Yo"

La Luna y Yo, 54,5x81 cm, 2012, Buenos Aires

Paintings 2012 - so far...

I am having my Muhu period here in Estonia after almost one year in Argentina and brought some paintings made in Buenos Aires this year. 

The first of them is hanging in SADHU koffik in Kuressaare:

The Killer Fish, 78x33 cm, 2012

The others are "Clara" and "Chica Maravilla". They will be an exhibition in Tallinn with some older ones:

Clara, 75x50 cm, 2012

Chica Maravilla, 119x90 cm, 2012

"Les Amis"

My latest painting "Les Amis". Acrylic on canvas, unframed.

"Les Amis", 95 x 65 cm, 2011

Size matters;)

Some of my minipaintings now in bigger sizes! 

Original painting is signed, titled and dated on the back. These new paintings are unframed and easy to ship in tube. Painting varnished for protection and enhancement. Contact me for more photos and prices!

Soñando, 79 x 55 cm, 2011

Paisaje final, 79 x 56 cm, 2011

La Familia Sagrada, 81 x 58 cm, 2011

Blue garden

Jardin azul, 20 x 70 cm, 2011

Spring is in the air and in my paintings


This new paintings is called "Flores y flores", size 30 x 30 x 1,5 cm ( 11,8 x 11,8 x 0,6 inches). Also available in Etsy.


Last week I started to create a new serie of paintings. The first step is the preparation of canvas and frames, after that everything depends on inspiration and imagination, good wine and music... I will keep you posted:)

More minipaintings!

Sometimes I just can´t stop...  These minipaintings are hanging in café SADHU, Lossi street 5, Kuressaare ( www.sadhu.ee ).  Very cosy place with tasty food and good wines... And great service!

Brand new minipaintings!

I´ve just finished some new minipaintings - as you can see, spring is in the air already! Acrylic on gallery-wrap canvas, ready to hang. I prepare all the frames and canvas by myself, so these paintings are totally handmade and 100% recycling.  You can find them also in my new Etsy shop   ( http://www.etsy.com/people/AndoReciclando)! 

Size: 13 x 18 x 2 cm



Some new pieces I have made from recycled materials - kitchen utensils are very inspiring!

She is alone...

This is how my newest painting is called. Quite small this time, with turquoise frame.

Ella esta sola, 34,2 x 25,4 cm, 2011

New minipaintings

Here are some freshly-made minipaintings. Acrylic on canvas, wooden frames, 100% recycling. You can even see the marks of the used wood on the frames - quite rustic... All these paintings will be in Tallinn, Soo tn 42 as well!

nr 28, 33,8 x 13,2 cm, 2011

nr 23, 17 x 15,5 cm, 2011 SOLD

nr 26, 26 x 14,5 cm, 2011

nr 24, 28,2 x 15,7 cm, 2011

nr 25, 33 x 16,5 cm, 2011

nr 27, 31,8 x 20,5 cm, 2011

Some news!

On Saturday, 13th of November at 17:00, my friend Henny will inaugurate his shop-gallery in Kalamaja, Soo tn 42, Tallinn. Everybody is invited!

I made some recycling lamps for the place, and some of my artworks will hang there for a while as well. There are also some new things from the series "Cositas" ("Little things") - small furniture pieces made from recycling materials. For example these trays (43 x 30 cm), what you can also use for notebooks.

From series "Cositas":

No 1


Chispita, 110 x 75 cm, 2010
acrylic on recycled canvas 

Buenos Aires, mi amor...